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We also offer subscription services to our clients who have data procurement needs across business units on a regular basis. As such we have more than 10,000 reports across 10 industry verticals including ICT, Semiconductor and Electronics, Automation, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Automotive and others. You can request for general subscription plans which can be taken based on the estimated research requirements of your company. However, the same can be customized based on the needs and the pricing shall also change. 


The plan also helps you in ordering tailor-made or custom reports and pre-book from our reports production plan. This shall help you in avoiding the process and time taken in evaluating multiple vendors as you can get custom-data reports at the same price as our syndicate reports. 


Kindly loop in your central buying team and we shall coordinate with them in taking the subscription plan in parallel. For more details contact

How do I register?

It’s easy to register with Market Intel Reports. Go to the Register tab on top-right corner of the site. Register with your Name, E-mail id and Password.  The email id will be your Login id. You can also login either with your LinkedIn or Google account.

The next time you visit Market Intel Reports you can log in with the details you created at registration by selecting the link to "Login/Register" from the top list of tabs on our website. Enter the email address and password that you provided at registration to login to our site

What are the benefits of Registered Account?

Upon registering, you are asked your sectors of interest. The Relevant Reports section provides you the list of corresponding latest reports. This narrows down the report list and saves you from wasteful navigation on the website. Also reports related to sectors which have direct relation to your sector are too listed to make this an s one-stop place to find all the reports.

You get Relevant News regarding your selected industry. Market Intel Reports will provide latest news and happenings in the relevant sector under this section. The articles in this section are primarily from publishers of highest repute and are verified by our domain experts. Along with this you can track your recent orders and download reports.

How do I update/change registration details?

It is easy to update or amend the details that you have provided us. Once you have logged in to our site you can go to Manage Details section and edit your details.