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The M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts

Report Code : snst0098
Published Date : 30 November, 2015 | No of Pages: 1113

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As consumer voice and data service revenues reach their saturation point, mobile operators are keen to capitalize on other avenues to drive revenue growth. One such opportunity is providing network connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) devices like smart meters, connected cars and healthcare monitors. Despite its low ARPU, M2M connectivity has opened a multi-billion dollar revenue opportunity for mobile operators, MVNOs and service aggregators, addressing the application needs of several verticals markets. By enabling network connectivity among physical objects, M2M has also initiated the IoT (Internet of Things) vision - a global network of sensors, equipment, appliances, smart devices and applications that can communicate in real time.

Another key opportunity is the monetization of wearable technology. Mobile device OEMs are aggressively investing in wearable devices, in order to offset declining margins in their traditional smartphone and tablet markets. As a result, the market has been flooded with a variety of smart bands, smart watches and other wearable devices capable of collecting, sending and processing data over mobile applications.

Eyeing opportunities to route huge volumes of traffic from these wearable devices, many service providers are now seeking to fit wearable technology with their M2M offerings, targeting both consumer and vertical markets. SNS Research expects that M2M and wearable devices can help IoT service providers pocket as much as $231 Billion in service revenue by the end of 2020, following a CAGR of 40% between 2015 and 2020.

Spanning over 1,110 pages, the "M2M, IoT & Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts" report package encompasses two comprehensive reports covering M2M, IoT and wearable technology:

- The M2M & IoT Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts
- The Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts

This report package provides an in-depth assessment of the M2M, IoT and wearable technology ecosystem including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, vertical market applications, deployment case studies, collaborative initiatives, regulatory landscape, standardization, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies. The report also presents market size forecasts from 2015 till 2030. The forecasts are segmented into vertical, regional, technology and country submarkets.

The report package comes with an associated Excel datasheet suite covering quantitative data from all numeric forecasts presented in the two reports.Topics Covered:
The report package covers the following topics:
- M2M, IoT and wearable technology ecosystem
- Market drivers and challenges
- Enabling technologies and key trends
- Network architecture and mobile operator business models
- Applications, opportunities and deployment case studies for a range of vertical markets including automotive & transportation, asset management & logistics, consumer, energy & utilities, healthcare, home automation, intelligent buildings & infrastructure, military, professional sports, public safety & security, retail and hospitality
- Regulatory landscape, collaborative initiatives and standardization
- Industry roadmap and value chain assessment
- Profiles and strategies of over 600 leading ecosystem players including enabling technology providers, wearable/M2M device OEMs, mobile operators, MVNOs, aggregators, IoT platform providers, system integrators and vertical market specialists
- Strategic recommendations for ecosystem players
- Market analysis and forecasts from 2015 till 2030

Key Questions Answered:
The report package provides answers to the following key questions:
- How big is the M2M, IoT and wearable technology ecosystem?
- What trends, challenges and barriers are influencing its growth?
- How is the ecosystem evolving by segment and region?
- What will the market size be in 2020 and at what rate will it grow?
- Which regions, countries and verticals will see the highest percentage of growth?
- Who are the key market players and what are their strategies?
- How will M2M and wearable devices drive investments in cloud based IoT platforms, Big Data, analytics, network security and other technologies?
- What are the growth prospects of cellular, satellite, LPWA, wireline and short range networking technologies?
- What are the key applications of M2M, IoT and wearable technology across industry verticals?
- How can mobile operators capitalize on the growing popularity of smart glasses and other wearable devices?
- What strategies should enabling technology providers, wearable/M2M device OEMs, mobile operators, MVNOs, aggregators, IoT platform providers and other ecosystem players adopt to remain competitive?
Report 1: The M2M & IoT Ecosystem: 2015 – 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts
1.1 Chapter 1.1: Introduction
1.1.1 Executive Summary
1.1.2 Topics Covered
1.1.3 Historical Revenue and Forecast Segmentation
1.1.4 Key Questions Answered
1.1.5 Key Findings
1.1.6 Methodology
1.1.7 Target Audience
1.1.8 Companies & Organizations Mentioned

1.2 Chapter 1.2: An Overview of M2M & IoT
1.2.1 What is M2M Technology?
1.2.2 M2M vs. IoT: What’s the Difference?
1.2.3 Industrial Internet: Another Buzzword
1.2.4 The IoT Vision A Variety of High-Performance and Low-Cost Devices Scaling Connectivity to Billions of Devices Cloud Based Applications and Management
1.2.5 M2M & IoT Architecture
1.2.6 The Business Case: Key Market Drivers Affordable Unit Costs: Viable for a Range of New Applications Proliferation of Mobile Networks Declining Voice Revenues: Economic Motivation Attractive Business Model: Predictable Revenue Opportunities Benefiting from the Smart Consumer Device Ecosystem Regulatory Initiatives & Mandates Interest from Vertical Markets
1.2.7 Challenges & Inhibitors to the Ecosystem Standardization Challenges Low ARPU Support for Roaming Privacy & Security Concerns Integration Complexities

1.3 Chapter 1.3: Key Enabling Technologies
1.3.1 Wide Area Networking Cellular Networks 2G & 3G LTE 5G Satellite Communications Wireline Networks LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Networks Others
1.3.2 Short Range Networking WiFi Bluetooth ZigBee Others
1.3.3 Other Enabling Technologies Energy Harvesting Sensors Navigation Technology Operating Systems & Software Platforms Cloud Computing Big Data & Analytics Other Technologies

1.4 Chapter 1.4: Collaboration, Standardization & Regulatory Landscape
1.4.1 Standardization & Regulatory Initiatives 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) DASH7 Alliance ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) GSMA HGI (Home Gateway Initiative) IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ITU (International Telecommunications Union) LoRA Alliance Mobility Development Group OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) OMG (Object Management Group) OneM2M TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association, U.S.) ULE (Ultra Low Energy) Alliance W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Weightless SIG Wi-SUN Alliance WiFi Alliance ZigBee Alliance Z-Wave Alliance Case Study: Standards for M2M & IoT Security
1.4.2 Collaborative Initiatives & Trade Associations AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation) AllSeen Alliance HyperCat Consortium IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) IMC (IoT M2M Council) IPSO (Internet Protocol for Smart Object) Alliance M2M Alliance NGM2M (New Generation M2M) Consortium, Japan OIC (Open Interconnect Consortium) Thread Group Wireless IoT Forum
1.4.3 Mobile Operator Alliances M2M World Alliance GMA (Global M2M Association)

1.5 Chapter 1.5: Vertical Market Applications, Opportunities and Case Studies
1.5.1 Automotive & Transportation Communications & Infotainment Navigation & Location Services Fleet Management Vehicle Management Safety & Security Driver Assistance & Automated Driving ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) Other Applications
1.5.2 Asset Management & Logistics Maintaining Real-Time Asset Inventories Supply Chain Visibility Tracking Delicate Goods Monitoring of Shipment Conditions Other Applications
1.5.3 Consumer Electronics & Home Automation Entertainment Localization Sports & Fitness Smart Homes & Intelligent Appliances
1.5.4 Energy & Utilities Smart Metering Smart Grid Applications in the Oil & Gas Sector
1.5.5 Healthcare Health & Wellness Monitoring Remote Patient Monitoring Diagnostic Tools Other Applications
1.5.6 Intelligent Buildings & Infrastructure Intelligent Buildings Public Infrastructure Management Other Applications
1.5.7 Public Safety, Security & Surveillance Video Surveillance Perimeter Access Control Other Applications
1.5.8 Retail & Vending POS (Point of Sale) Applications Intelligent Shopping Smart Restocking Digital Signage Other Applications
1.5.9 Other Industry Verticals Agriculture Construction IT & Networks Industrial Automation & Manufacturing
1.5.10 M2M & IoT Deployment Case Studies Automotive OEMs: Connected Car Programs BP: Achieving Cost Savings & Risk Mitigation with IoT BT: Creating the UK’s First IoT Enabled Smart City Camelot Group: Improving Operational Efficiency for Retailers Ingenie: Pioneering UBI (Usage Based Insurance) for Young Drivers LG Electronics: Bringing IoT to Smart Homes Lijiang Police: HD Video Surveillance with LTE NJSP (New Jersey State Police): Tracking Stolen Goods & Suspects Philips Respironics: Remote Diagnostics for Respirators and Ventilators Praxair: Avoiding Tank Outages Romec: Managing Fuel Consumption with M2M Streetline: Intelligent Parking with M2M Connectivity Telcare: Blood Glucose Monitoring with M2M Connectivity Telefónica UK: Smart Meter Implementation Program

1.6 Chapter 1.6: Industry Roadmap & Value Chain
1.6.1 Industry Roadmap 2015 – 2020: Growing M2M Investments in Key Verticals 2020 – 2025: Large Scale Proliferation of LPWA IoT Networks 2025 – 2030: Towards Self-Driving Cars & High Bandwidth Applications
1.6.2 Value Chain Enabling Technology Hardware Providers Software Providers Connectivity Mobile Operators MVNOs & Aggregators Service Enablement CDP (Connected Device Platform) Providers Application Platform Providers Vertical Solutions System Integrators Vertical Market Specialists Other Ecosystem Players Cloud Platform Providers Big Data & Analytics Specialists Supplementary Service Providers

1.7 Chapter 1.7: Key Ecosystem Players
1.7.1 ABB Group
1.7.2 Accenture
1.7.3 Aclara Technologies
1.7.4 Actility
1.7.5 ADT Corporation
1.7.6 Aeris Communications
1.7.7 Airbiquity
1.7.8 Airbus Group
1.7.9 Allegion
1.7.10 Altair Semiconductor
1.7.12 AMCi Wireless
1.7.13 América Móvil
1.7.14 Ansaldo STS
1.7.15 Apple
1.7.16 Arduino
1.7.17 Arkessa
1.7.18 ARM Holdings
1.7.19 Arqiva
1.7.20 Arrayent
1.7.21 Arynga
1.7.22 AT&T
1.7.23 Atos SE (Societas Europaea)
1.7.24 Augtek
1.7.25 Autodesk
1.7.26 Avago Technologies
1.7.27 Avnet-Memec
1.7.28 Axiros
1.7.29 Ayla Networks
1.7.30 Azeti Networks
1.7.31 B&B Electronics
1.7.32 BlackBerry
1.7.33 Bosch
1.7.34 Bouygues Telecom
1.7.35 CalAmp
1.7.36 Cantaloupe Systems
1.7.37 CGI Group
1.7.38 China Mobile
1.7.39 China Telecom
1.7.40 China Unicom
1.7.41 Cirrus Logic
1.7.42 Cisco Systems
1.7.43 ClearBlade
1.7.44 CloudCar
1.7.45 Comcast Corporation
1.7.46 Concirrus
1.7.47 Connect One
1.7.48 Continental
1.7.49 CoSwitched
1.7.50 Covisint
1.7.51 CradlePoint
1.7.52 Ctek
1.7.53 Cubic Telecom
1.7.54 Cumulocity
1.7.55 DataOnline
1.7.56 Davra Networks
1.7.57 Delphi
1.7.58 Device Insight
1.7.59 Digi International
1.7.60 DNA
1.7.61 DT (Deutsche Telekom)
1.7.62 Echelon Corporation
1.7.63 EE
1.7.64 Elbrys Networks
1.7.65 Elisa
1.7.66 Elster EnergyICT
1.7.67 EMC Corporation
1.7.68 Ericsson
1.7.69 Eseye
1.7.70 Eurotech
1.7.71 FaltCom Communications
1.7.73 Fleetmatics Group
1.7.74 Flexeye
1.7.75 Franklin Wireless
1.7.76 FreeWave Technologies
1.7.77 Fujitsu
1.7.78 G4S
1.7.79 Garmin
1.7.80 GE (General Electric)
1.7.81 Gemalto
1.7.82 Google
1.7.83 H&D Wireless
1.7.84 Harman International Industries
1.7.85 Harris Corporation
1.7.86 Hitachi
1.7.87 Honeywell International
1.7.88 HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)
1.7.89 Huawei
1.7.90 IBM
1.7.91 iControl Networks
1.7.92 Infosys
1.7.93 Ingenico Group
1.7.94 Ingenu
1.7.95 Inmarsat
1.7.96 INSYS Microelectronics
1.7.97 Intel Corporation
1.7.98 InterDigital
1.7.99 Intersil Corporation
1.7.100 Invensense
1.7.101 Inventek Systems
1.7.102 Iridium Communications
1.7.103 Iskraemeco
1.7.104 Itron
1.7.105 iWOW Connections
1.7.106 Jasper Technologies
1.7.107 Johnson & Johnson
1.7.108 KDDI Corporation
1.7.109 Kerlink
1.7.110 Keysight Technologies
1.7.111 KORE Wireless Group
1.7.112 KPN
1.7.113 KT Corporation
1.7.114 Kyocera Corporation
1.7.115 Laird
1.7.116 Landis+Gyr
1.7.117 Lantronix
1.7.118 Legrand
1.7.119 LG Electronics
1.7.120 LG Uplus
1.7.121 Libelium
1.7.122 Link Labs
1.7.123 LS Cable & System
1.7.124 LSR (LS Research)
1.7.125 M2COMM (M²Communication)
1.7.126 M2M Data Corporation
1.7.127 M2M DataSmart
1.7.128 M2M Spectrum Networks
1.7.129 M2M Wireless
1.7.130 M2Mi (Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corporation)
1.7.131 Marvell Technology Group
1.7.132 Mavaco
1.7.133 Maxim Integrated
1.7.134 Mesh Systems
1.7.135 MIC (MiTAC International Corporation)
1.7.136 Microchip Technology
1.7.137 Microsemi Corporation
1.7.138 Microsoft
1.7.139 Microtronics
1.7.140 Modacom
1.7.141 Motorola Solutions
1.7.142 Mtrex Networks
1.7.143 Multi-Tech Systems
1.7.144 Murata Manufacturing
1.7.145 My Evolution
1.7.146 myDevices
1.7.147 Navman Wireless & Teletrac
1.7.148 NEC Corporation
1.7.149 Neoway
1.7.150 NetComm Wireless
1.7.151 NetModule
1.7.152 NextM2M
1.7.153 Nokia
1.7.154 Novatel Wireless
1.7.155 Novero
1.7.156 NTT DoCoMo
1.7.157 Numerex Corporation
1.7.158 Nwave Technologies
1.7.159 NXP Semiconductors
1.7.160 Oberthur Technologies
1.7.161 Omnilink Systems
1.7.162 OnAsset Intelligence
1.7.163 OpenCar
1.7.164 Option N.V.
1.7.165 Oracle Corporation
1.7.166 Orange
1.7.167 ORBCOMM
1.7.168 OrbiWise
1.7.169 Panasonic Corporation
1.7.170 Parsons Corporation
1.7.171 Pedigree Technologies
1.7.172 Peiker
1.7.173 Philips
1.7.174 PLAT.ONE
1.7.175 Plextek
1.7.176 Prevas
1.7.177 PTC
1.7.178 Qowiso
1.7.179 Qowiso
1.7.180 QSC AG
1.7.181 Quake Global
1.7.182 Qualcomm
1.7.183 Quectel
1.7.184 Raspberry Pi
1.7.185 Red Hat
1.7.186 Redpine Signals
1.7.187 Relacom Group
1.7.188 Renesas Electronics Corporation
1.7.189 Rogers Communications
1.7.190 RTX A/S
1.7.191 Sagemcom
1.7.192 Samsung Electronics
1.7.193 SAP
1.7.194 Schneider Electric
1.7.195 Semtech Corporation
1.7.196 Sensorsuite
1.7.197 Sensys Networks
1.7.198 Sequans Communications
1.7.199 Sierra Wireless
1.7.200 SIGFOX
1.7.201 Silicon Laboratories
1.7.202 SIMCom Wireless Solutions
1.7.203 Singtel
1.7.204 SK Telecom
1.7.205 SkyWave Mobile Communications
1.7.206 SoftBank Mobile Corporation
1.7.207 Sony Corporation
1.7.208 Spireon
1.7.209 STMicroelectronics
1.7.210 Streeline
1.7.211 Tech Mahindra
1.7.212 Telcare
1.7.213 Tele2
1.7.214 Telecom Italia
1.7.215 TelecomDesign
1.7.216 Telefónica
1.7.217 Telegesis
1.7.218 Telenav
1.7.219 Telenor Group
1.7.220 Telensa
1.7.221 TeliaSonera
1.7.222 Telit Communications
1.7.223 Telogis
1.7.224 Telstra Corporation
1.7.225 Telular Corporation
1.7.226 Tencent
1.7.227 Thuraya
1.7.228 TI (Texas Instruments)
1.7.229 TomTom
1.7.230 Toshiba Corporation
1.7.231 Transatel
1.7.232 Trimble Navigation
1.7.233 Tunstall Healthcare
1.7.234 U-blox
1.7.235 UIEvolution
1.7.236 USAT (USA Technologies)
1.7.237 Verifone
1.7.238 Verizon Communications
1.7.239 VisTracks
1.7.240 Vodafone Group
1.7.241 Wipro
1.7.242 Wireless Logic
1.7.243 WirelessCar
1.7.244 Wyless
1.7.245 Xirgo Technologies
1.7.246 Xsilon
1.7.247 Zebra Technologies Corporation
1.7.248 Zedi

1.8 Chapter 1.8: Market Analysis and Forecasts
1.8.1 The Global M2M & IoT Market Global M2M & IoT Revenue Global M2M & IoT Revenue by Submarket M2M & IoT Revenue by Region
1.8.2 Key Submarkets M2M Application Services & Connectivity M2M Modules & Hardware M2M & IoT Security CDP (Connected Device Platforms) M2M & IoT Application Platforms Other M2M & IoT Software Network Integration & Professional Services
1.8.3 Wide Area M2M Connections Global Wide Area M2M Connections Global Wide Area M2M Connections by Vertical Global Wide Area M2M Connections by Technology Wide Area M2M Connections by Region
1.8.4 Short Range M2M Connections Global Short Range M2M Connections Global Short Range M2M Connections by Vertical Global Short Range M2M Connections by Technology Short Range M2M Connections by Region
1.8.5 M2M Service Revenue Global M2M Service Revenue Global M2M Service Revenue by Vertical Global M2M Service Revenue by Technology M2M Service Revenue by Region
1.8.6 Key Vertical Markets Automotive & Transportation Asset Management & Logistics Consumer Electronics & Home Automation Energy & Utilities Healthcare Intelligent Buildings & Infrastructure Public Safety, Security & Surveillance Retail & Vending Other Verticals
1.8.7 Key Connectivity Technologies 2G & 3G Cellular LTE & 5G Cellular Satellite LPWA Wireline WiFi Bluetooth & ZigBee Other Technologies
1.8.8 Asia Pacific M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation Australia China Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore South Korea Taiwan Thailand Vietnam Rest of Asia Pacific
1.8.9 North America M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation USA Canada
1.8.10 Western Europe M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey UK Rest of Western Europe
1.8.11 Eastern Europe M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation Belarus Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Hungary Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Ukraine Uzbekistan Rest of Eastern Europe
1.8.12 Middle East & Africa M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation Algeria Egypt Israel Kenya Morocco Nigeria Qatar Saudi Arabia South Africa Sudan Tanzania Tunisia UAE Rest of the Middle East & Africa
1.8.13 Latin & Central America M2M & IoT Market M2M & IoT Revenue Wide Area M2M Connections Short Range M2M Connections M2M Service Revenue Country Level Segmentation Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Mexico Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela Rest of Latin & Central America

1.9 Chapter 1.9: Conclusion and Strategic Recommendations
1.9.1 Conclusion How Big is the M2M & IoT Opportunity? SWOT Analysis: Which Access Technology will lead the Market? M2M & IoT: A Change in the Network Operator Mindset Standardisation is Key to Global Interoperability Embedded M2M Modules: How Big is the Opportunity? 2G 3G LTE Assessing the M2M & IoT Software Opportunity Cloud Based Data Analytics: A Growing Trend in the $40 Billion IoT Software Market Assessing the Impact of LTE: Will Mobile Operators Force a 2G to 4G Migration? What Opportunities Exist for Multimedia & Video Applications? How Much Traffic Will M2M & IoT Networks Generate? Transition to IPv6: Addressing the Scalability Challenge Security Demands: The $2 Billion M2M & IoT Security Market Support for Roaming: The Rise of Global M2M SIMs Prospects of Global IoT MVNOs: Is There a Threat from Tier 1 Mobile Operators? Mobile Operator Alliances: Are There More to Come? SON (Self Organizing Networks): Optimizing Mobile Networks for M2M & IoT Services
1.9.2 Strategic Recommendations Enabling Technology Providers Mobile Operators MVNOs & Aggregators CDP & Application Platform Providers System Integrators & Vertical Market Specialists Other Ecosystem Players
3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) 3L Labs 4DForce 4iii Innovations 9Solutions ABB Group Abbot Laboratories Accenture Aclara Technologies AcousticSheep Actility Active Mind Technology Adidas ADT Corporation Aeris Communications AgaMatrix AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation) Airbiquity Airbus Group AirType Alcatel-Lucent Allegion AllSeen Alliance Altair Semiconductor Amazon Ambit Networks AMCi Wireless AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) América Móvil Amiigo Amulyte Animas Ansaldo STS Apple ARA (Applied Research Associates) Archos Arduino ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Business, Japan) Arkessa ARM Holdings Arqiva Arrayent Arynga Asahi Kasei Group ASUS (ASUSTeK Computer) ASX AT&T AT&T Mobility Atellani Atheer Labs ATIS (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, U.S.) Atlas Wearables Atos SE (Societas Europaea) Augmendix Augtek Autodesk Avago Technologies Avegant Avery Dennison AVG Avnet-Memec AWS (Amazon Web Services) Axiros Ayla Networks Azeti Networks B&B Electronics BAE Systems Baidu Barclays Basis Science Beddit Behavioral Technology Group BI BIA Sport Bionym Biosensics BIT (Blue Infusion Technologies) Bitbanger Labs BlackBerry Blocks Wearables Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) Bluetooth Special Interest Group BodyMedia bOMDIC Bondara (Nagook) Bosch Boston Scientific Corporation Bouygues Group Bouygues Telecom BP BRAGI Breitling Brilliantservice Broadcom Corporation Brother Industries Brunel University BSX Atheletics BSX Insight BT Group BTS Bioengineering Buhel CalAmp Cambridge Temperature Concepts Camelot Group Cantaloupe Systems Carre Technologies Casio Catapult Sports CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) Cellwize CGI Group China Mobile China Telecom China Unicom Cirrus Logic Cisco Systems Citizen Cityzen Sciences ClearBlade CloudCar Codoon Comcast Corporation CommandWear CompeGPS Concirrus Connect America Connect One ConnecteDevice Continental Control VR Cool Shirt Systems CoSwitched Covidien Covisint CradlePoint Creaholic Creoir CSR Ctek Cubic Telecom Cuff Cumulocity Cyberdyne DAQRI DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) DASH7 Alliance DataOnline Davra Networks Dell Delphi Device Insight Diesel Digi International DK Tek Innovations DKNY DNA DorsaVi Dreamtrap Commercials DT (Deutsche Telekom) Dubai Police Durex E Ink Holdings EB Sport Group Echelon Corporation EdanSafe EE Ekso Bionics Elbrys Networks Electric Foxy Elisa Elster EnergyICT EMC Corporation Emotiv Systems Enjoy S.R.L EnVerv Epson (Seiko Epson Corporation) Ericsson Eseye ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Eurotech Evena Medical Everfind Exelis EyeTap Facebook FaltCom Communications FashionTEQ Fat Shark Fatigue Science FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Fedex Filip Technologies Finis FitBark Fitbit Fitbug FitLinxx FLASHNET Fleetmatics Group Flexeye Flextronics Flyfit Force Impact Technologies Fossil Foxtel Franklin Wireless Free Wavz Freescale Semiconductor FreeWave Technologies Fujitsu G4S Garmin GE (General Electric) GEAK Gemalto General Dynamics Corporation General Dynamics Mission Systems GEO Group Geopalz Georgia Institute of Technology GestureLogic Given Imaging GlassUp Glofaster GMA (Global M2M Association) GN Netcom GN Store Nord Google GoPro GOQii GSMA Gucci Guess H&D Wireless Harman International Industries Harris Corporation HealBe HereO HGI (Home Gateway Initiative) Hitachi Hollywog Honeywell International House of Horology Hovding HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) HSBC HTC Huawei HyperCat Consortium Hyundai i’m SpA i4C Innovations IAMAS (Japanese Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences) IBM ICEdot ICON Health and Fitness iControl Networks IDENTEC GROUP IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) iHealth Lab IIC (Industrial Internet Consortium) iLOC Technologies Imagination Technologies IMC (IoT M2M Council) Imec Immerz Ineda Systems InfinitEye InfoSys Ingenico Group Ingenie Ingenu Inmarsat Innovega Instabeat INSYS Microelectronics Intel Corporation InteraXon InterDigital Intersections Intersil Corporation Invensense Inventek Systems Iotera IPSO (Internet Protocol for Smart Object) Alliance iRhythm Iridium Communications Iron Will Innovations Iskraemeco ISO (International Organization for Standardization) ITAMCO (Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies) Itron ITT Corporation ITU (International Telecommunications Union) iWOW Connections Jabra Jasper Technologies Jawbone Jaybird Johnson & Johnson Kairos Watches Kapture KDDI Corporation Kerlink Keysight Technologies Ki Performance Kiwi Wearable Technologies KMS Solutions KORE Wireless Group KoruLab KPN Kreyos Kronoz KT Corporation Kyocera Corporation L-3 Communications L-3 Mobile-Vision Laird Landis+Gyr Lantronix Lark Technologies Laster Technologies LeapFrog Enterprises Lechal Legrand Lenovo LG Electronics LG Uplus Libelium LifeBEAM LifeLogger Technologies Corporation Lijiang Police Limmex Link Labs Liquid Image Lockheed Martin LogBar LoRA Alliance LOSTnFOUND Loughborough University LS Cable & System LSR (LS Research) Lumafit Lumo BodyTech Lumus Luxottica M2COMM (M²Communication) M2M Alliance M2M Data Corporation M2M DataSmart M2M Spectrum Networks M2M Wireless M2M World Alliance M2Mi (Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corporation) Mad Apparel Magellan (MiTAC Digital Corporation) Martian Watches Marvell Technology Group Masternaut Matilde Mavaco Maxim Integrated MC10 McLear MediaTek Medtronic Melon Memi Mesh Systems META Meta Watch MIC (MiTAC International Corporation) Microchip Technology Microsemi Corporation Microsoft Microtronics Miele MindStream Mio Global Misfit Wearables MiTAC International Mobility Development Group Modacom Moff MonDevices Moov Moticon Motion Fitness Motion Metrics International Corporation Motorola Mobility Motorola Solutions Movable Mozilla Corporation Mtrex Networks Multi-Tech Systems Murata Manufacturing Mutalink Mutewatch My Evolution myDevices Myontec Narrative Navman Wireless NEC Corporation Neoway Neptune Nest Labs Netatmo NetComm Wireless NetModule NeuroPro NeuroSky New Balance NextM2M NGM2M (New Generation M2M) Consortium, Japan Nike Nintendo Nissan Nixie Labs Nixon NJSP (New Jersey State Police) Nod Nokia Notch Interfaces Novatel Wireless Novero NTT DoCoMo Nuance Numerex Corporation Nuubo NVIDIA Nwave Technologies NXP Semiconductors NZN Labs OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) Oberthur Technologies Oculus VR ODG (Osterhout Design Group) OIC (Open Interconnect Consortium) Olive Labs OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Omate Omega OMG (Object Management Group) OMG Life Omnilink Systems Omron OMsignal OnAsset Intelligence OneM2M OpenCar Opening Ceremony Optalert Optinvent Option N.V. 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