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Smart Home-Utility Partnership Opportunities

Report Code : par0005
Published Date : 23 June, 2017 | No of Pages: 44

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Electricity delivery is moving from centralized generation and distribution to distributed generation located near consumption. This transition creates multiple opportunities for utilities and distributed generation and storage suppliers. This report analyzes the competitive landscape for distributed generation and storage, highlighting the market advantages of electric utilities, retail electricity providers, and third-party vendors.

Smart Home-Utility Partnership Opportunities
Table of Contents:

1.0. Report Summary
1.1. Purpose of Report
1.2. Scope of Report
1.3. Research Approach/Sources

2.0. Consumers and Energy Management
2.1. Consumer Energy Management Behavior
2.2. Consumer Motivations for Energy Management
2.2.1. Management of Energy Generation
2.2.2. Cost Avoidance
2.3. Adoption of Energy Management Smart Home Devices

3.0. Utility Energy Management Programs
3.1. Energy Efficiency
3.1.1. Impact of Smart Products on Energy Efficiency
3.1.2. Impact of Smart Meters on Energy Efficiency
3.2. Demand Response
3.2.1. Impact of Smart Products on Demand Response
3.2.2. Impact of Smart Meters on Demand Response

4.0. Utility and Smart Home Partnerships: Strategies and Use-Cases
4.1. Increase Customer Engagement
4.2. Integrate Smart Products into Demand Response
4.3. Drive Smart Product Adoption
4.4. Execute Cross-Marketing Campaigns

5.0. Emerging Initiatives and Partnership Opportunities
5.1. Communication Standards
5.2. Load Balancing
5.3. Whole Home Energy Management Solutions
5.4. Utilization of Smart Devices as a Grid Resource
5.5. Access to High Frequency Energy Data
5.6. Integrating Occupancy Data into Demand Response Execution

6.0. Recommendations and Key Considerations
6.1. Best Practices for Energy Management Programs

7.0. Appendix
7.1. Glossary
7.2. Image Sources
7.3. Index
List of Figures:

  • Energy Behavior Segments (2014 - 2016)
  • Energy Saving Actions Taken in the Past 12 Months (Q4/16)
  • Energy Generation and Electric Vehicle Ownership (2013 - 2016)
  • Energy Bill Segments (2015-2016)
  • Smart Home Device Adoption Rate: Energy Management Devices (2014 - 2016)
  • Purchase Intention: Smart Home Energy Management Devices (2014 - 2016)
  • Solutions for Consumer Engagement
  • Smart Thermostat Market Data (Q4/16)
  • Impact of Mail-in Rebates and Financing on
  • High Familiarity with Energy Programs Offered (2015 - 2016)
  • Utility Energy Management Programs
  • Appeal of Solar Energy Monitoring and Management Services (Q4/16)
  • Impact of Rebates on the Purchase of Smart Thermostats (Q4/16)
  • Appeal of Energy Management Abilities
  • Appeal of Energy Monitoring Abilities
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